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Lit candles in memory of
This photograph was taken the night after the 9-11attacks. I lit two candles in memory of all who died that day and inhopes of those who may still be living. It was a long day. Thecamera I used in this photo is long gone (it was stolen) but thememories of that day are still there (no one can take that from me).I am thankful everyone I know is ok and well. Failure is not fallingdown. Failure is not getting up.
11 2001
  982 Derek Powazek
  1256 juli
  2621 rich bettencourt
  2707 Stanley E. Drapes
« 2809 Nick Finck
  2958 alice
  3067 Forestter Cobalt
  4521 Phineas
  5469 W. Darren Prouty
  10521 Adrith Bicchieri

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