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"this is my grandfather. the photo was taken in albuquerque, nm in november of 1966. while i was home over the holidays last year, i went through every single one of my parents' photo albums and scanned a lot of the pictures. i came across this photo at the time and fell in love with it. i had never seen it before. my father commented: "see, grandpa was just like you, taking pictures of himself in the mirror." i was happy to find the photo, and i made me feel a connection to my grandfather, but it also made me sad that i know so little about him. he died when i was about nine, and i remember spending a lot of time at my grandparents' house, but i was child, and i don't think i asked him much about his life. i didn't even know that he liked to take photographs, that he liked cameras. i can only imagine the conversations that we might have now." - juli
06 2001
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