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galleries | Elaine Mesker-Garcia | vintage
galleries | Elaine Mesker-Garcia | vintage
A Brief History of Time, Parts I, II & XLVII
Top is circa 1974, while serving in the US Air Force, at Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo, Texas. There was a sink and mirror in one corner of the barracks room.Middle is from about two or three years later, just after getting out of the Air Force and moving back to Tucson, probably in Cochise Hall, the dorm at the University of Arizona where I lived for four years.Bottom is from three or four years ago, or about 20 years after the previous shot, taken in the bathroom of my home in Tucson.The oldest image is nearly full-frame. The later two, shot to consciously "mirror" the first one, have been cropped a wee bit to provide a similar aspect.It's interesting to look at these side-by-side, noting the expressions on my face, and knowing what life was like and/or had in store. The first two offer youth looking seriously to the future, the last an older but wiser fellow finally able to smile at life.
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