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My Birthday
I was in love with a boy, and it was not working out. We were planning to go to the mountains of Arizona together to celebrate my birthday but he decided it was best not to go. My heart was broken. I wished things could have been different. And it wasn't. With that said, and knowing I wanted to treat my birthday special even without my love, I went to the ballet. I LOVE ballet and dance myself - the San Francisco Ballet Company came to southern california to perform Othello, an odd and exciting rendition. I went with a friend who also enjoys dance and whose birthday was also days before. So we went. The ballet was as wonderful as I had hoped. It was full of passion and exotic love - and in the end - I cried because despite Othello's crazy in-love feelings he had for his wife, he still killed her with his own hands, the whole time not believing in the love she offered. In fact, in retrospect, I think I cried not for Othello, not for Desdemona, rather I cried for the love of my life who was blowing away - much like scarf that betrayed Desdemona.
10 2002
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