Jordan Wiens
A friend showed me this page, and I had just taken an interesting picture I thought might qualify. It needs some explanation though. Last week I got back from a trip to China where I had travelled and practiced my chinese, and hung out with some friends over there. We were in a mall (well, more like a multi-level J.C. Penny's, but anyway...) and riding up an escalator that had a neat mirrored underside, so I decided to get out my digital camera and take a snap. It took so long and I barely got it turned on that by the time I had aimed the camera up at the ceiling, I was at the end of the escalator and didn't know it. I snapped the shot off just as I tripped backwards, narrowly avoiding a big nasty spill and breaking the camera. I kept my feet, but the picture didn't turn out so well. Let me know if it meets the requirements of the site.

The head in view is actually my friend who was riding after me on the escalator. It's my shorts and shirt though that are visible in the reflection (notice the bent knees; yeah, I'm already in death-avoidance mode).

06 2001
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