Elisabeth and Tyler | Lake Norman, NC
It was almost 1000 pics ago- (I'm #140) since I submitted to what was then FOJM. I am so proud of you and this site. If I sent you every mirror picture that your site has inspired me to take you'd have another 1000 of just me. But it seems like after a year it's high time to submit again- this time it's a picture of my 12 year old brother and I. The photo was taken in the first days after buying my new digital camera, which were also the first days of summer. We were on our father's boat on Lake Norman, NC; the image appears in the tinted (and mirrored) plastic door to the cabin below deck- a door we had no idea was so reflective until the shot was taken. The water was perfect, the sun was blessed, and the ironic photo-op turned out pretty good too.
06 2001
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