Gutierez Gregory | While cruising in Loch Ness | Loch Ness, Scotland
While cruising in Loch Ness
I took the photograph in august 2001. I was on a boat, in the middle of the famous Loch Ness in Scotland. I took lots of pictures of the Loch and I shot all the representations of the famous monster Nessie (on toys, on advertisings, on panels, in entertainment centers, etc.)This ended in an article "On the trail of monsters" in the sept 2002 issue of the english magazine "The Fortean Times".On this photo I just wanted to take the guy leading the boat with the Loch around him. Didn't think about my reflect on the glass. Pretty nice effect, you can see my shoulder, my hair, my camera and my fingers. Hope you like it :)
11 2002
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