Matt Rossi | Blacksburg,Virgina
I was outside an impound lot this July 4th when I saw this poor school bus about to betransformed into a pretzel. This seemed sad to me, and inasmuch as I had mycamera and wanted to take a picture to preserve it (as well as get what wouldprobably be the closest thing to a bearable picture of myself) I decided toscale the corroded orange chain-link fence and take a picture.Then I noticed that the gate had a door in it, so I just walked in.The school bus lay deserted, with the town name spray-painted off andno sounds of raucous laughter, or of young teasing run amok. No memories good or bad, just a deserted, seatless bus. But the mirrorswere still reflecting away, and it was easy to get the picture. No onewas around. So I took a few (this was the only one that came out evenremotely well) and walked off.They scrapped the bus on the sixth. So now, it only exists in this picture.
01 2001
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