Farid Ali | Welcome William Allen HS Class of 82 | Fogelsville,  Pennsylvania
Welcome William Allen HS Class of 82
Just hours away from my 20th high school reunion at the Holiday Inn in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. The William Allen Class of '82 (Allentown, PA) consisted of over 750 students and although I did know a few people, I didnt really have many friends. I left Allentown the year after i graduated and didn't keep in touch with anyone. In spite of this, I decided to go and add the experience to my life. It was both a 'coming home' and 'coming out' experience for me. Not only was I going back, I was also going back as a gay man with my partner, George. I suppose my self - confidence shone through when I greeted my former classmates and introduced George as my partner. No one seemed to be fazed by it. I got a lot from going to the reunion ... i'll be writing about it on my blog.
12 2002
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