Tyler Curtain | Landscape, Flat Irons, Boulder, Colorado | National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder Colorado
Landscape, Flat Irons, Boulder, Colorado
As you move through the Mirror Project, you will notice that the dominant mode of representation is the intimate photograph and the (en)closed space. Partly this is a function of how we come to be attentive to ourselves within the myriad reflective surfaces of our environment. We notice ourselves in those environments that are built for us to notice ourselves. Those spaces produce, and in turn are produced by, notions of intimacy. The bathroom mirror might stand as an exemplar for the technological relay of intimacy. For a while now, I wondered if it could be otherwise.

I took this photograph on the backside of the National Center for Atmospheric Research on Table Mesa in Boulder, Colorado. While the subject standing against the landscape and indeed, the landscape photograph itself is a staple of vacation representation (think your aunt and uncle?s Grand Canyon slides here), the Mirror Project has few landscape photos proper.

As I stood looking at myself in the reflection of the plate glass of I.M. Pei's extraordinary building, an architecture meant to blend into and become a part of its landscape, I realized that the reflective moment was exactly what I rarely saw in the representational spaces of the Mirror Project: a landscape photograph.

Here is a Mirror Project landscape photograph.
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