Rodrigo Loyola | Boicucanga!! | Boicucanga, Brazil.
Boicucanga, Brazil.
Hey!This is one of the most beautiful beaches in So Paulo, a place known as Boicucanga! Something like bay-c-you-can-gha in your fukn' English speech!So, when you look at this pic you might say: hey, it's a mistake, it's not a Mirror Project picture since there's no reflexion. Hey, come on, look at the picture once again. Let me try to explain: I'm the guy with the blue shirt, the other one is my friend Baggio. We turned on the camera in the self-timer mode, we put it on the car and a few seconds later the camera shot. If you look carefully at the front of the car you can see my blue shirt reflected, right? And, in the same place, you also can see a little little (and I mean LITTLE!) gray camera reflected! Come on, you can see it!!SO, the question is: what does Boicucanga mean?!
01 2003
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