Charlie Morey
I have been spoiled. And this, in an odd way, is a record of it.

Three years ago my in-laws invited us to join them at the Hualalai (FourSeasons) resort on Kona, Hawaii in celebration of their 50th weddinganniversary. The resort is nothing short of phenomenal. Service is firstclass, and the accommodations are exceptional. I even play golf there,something I never do in real life.

My wife, the sun princess, dedicates herself to tanning, which begins at theungodly (for a vacation) hour of 6:30 a.m., when people are first allowed tostake their spots at the main swimming pool. She arises to go wait in line,and I get up also, to order a pot of coffee and something exotic forbreakfast. Typically, it's Smoked Salmon Benedict, an eggs benedictvariation with smoked salmon in place of Canadian bacon.

The coffee is delivered in a silver pot. Silver, of course, is a soft metal,and repeated use in a hotel/room service setting takes its toll. I alwaysstart the day with a book, coffee and my camera. What a delightful way toawaken!

I noticed my reflection in the poor battered coffee pot (wearing thefurnished terrycloth robe - me, not the pot), and couldn't resist framing afew shots. Talk about abstract.

Now, a year later, I discover a gallery that features photographs ofreflected portraits, and so finally I have a use for that picture. Here itis.
07 2001
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