Allan O'Marra | Art Lesson | Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Art Lesson
Back a few years ago, I did an oil portrait of my two children, Emily and Christopher (then 5 and 6, respectively) and when I was finished the painting, they both decided I should teach them to paint "as good as you". So I sat them down, individually and had them work with me and paint themselves, using the original reference photo I used, following my lead, pencil line for pencil line and brush stroke for brush stroke, using the same palette of acrylic paints, with each child coming up with a self-portrait on paper, similar to my fresh one of them. The resulting 4 paintings are framed and hung together (mine are the two on the left), along with the original oil portrait, in my most recent show, in Etobicoke, Ontario, where I took this picture. That's me, the shape in the middle next to the bright white spot.Personally, I like Christopher's the best (lower right).
02 2003
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