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You have single handedly curbed my obsession for taking pictures of roadkill and channeled that energey into an equally satisfying, more socially acceptable and admittedly more benign habit of taking pictures of myelf in mirrors. (This has had its snags too, the odd stares in public restrooms, the man running out of Walmart to tell me to get the hell away from his Jag...) Anwyay, I never sent you any of my other pictures because they were mainly me in bathroom mirrors and rear view mirrors and sides of buildings- and I know you have lots. So then last weekend we were at 6 Flags America (Baltimore MD) and getting in line for the "Joker's Jinx" roller coaster when guess what I saw? Funhouse Mirrors!!! Oh yes, I danced around and ripped out my camera and sang "Harrumph is Heather and Heather is Jezebel and Jezebel's the Champ!" and other singy-songy adaptations of your name and url, much to the bemusement of passersbys and much more to the shagrin and embarassment of the friend who was with me who was whining that we were losing our place in line. But what did I care? We took a few pictures, it wasn't with a digital camera, and though they all came out a bit blurry, I still adore them. Kinda a funky shot, 'specially considering I (Elisabeth) am 5'10" and the man (Kenneth) I am leaning on who took the pic is 6'10". Anyways, I hope you like it, I had fun taking it for you!
01 2001
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