Balthusar Alvarez | No War on Iraq- 13 | Oviedo, northern Spain
No War on Iraq- 13
Sadly, the Bush Administration, backed by Mr Blair and Spain's Mr Aznar, have started their strike on Iraq. A sad day for those of us who were expecting the impossible to happen. Just last Saturday March 15, thousands marched the streets of Oviedo, asking to give peace a chance. As the marchers passed a shop selling fancy wigs, I took this picture. That's me, on the left. In the background, flags and banners of my fellow marchers.

Desgraciadamente, sucedió lo que todos temíamos y explotó la maldita guerra. El pasado 15 de marzo, marchábamos por las calles de Oviedo miles de personas, buscando una oportunidad para la paz. Al pasar por una tienda de pelucas, hice esta foto con los manifestantes al fondo.
03 2003
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