Betsy Barone
Mary Queen of Scots

It is rumored from whom

I am descended, it says here

Questa famiglia originaria della Scoizia

E nobilissima in molte citta,

Ed e divisa in molti rami

The Barone family, my family

Originated from Scotland

Marys son King James VI of Scotland

Became King James I of England

King James great grand daughter married

The King of Itlay

It is noble in many cities and

Is divided into many branches it

Had many fiefs and illustrious men in court

In the magistrature, in the army

And in the church it was

Conferred high chivalrous honors and

Was vested with the holy orders

Of Malta from the 15th Century

It includes, as branches, the Counts

Of Casola and the Marchesi di Liveri

The title was granted in 1710

To the celebrated literary figure Domenico

Director, San Carlo Opera, Naples

Praised even by Giambattista Vico

In an assembly of praise of him

Made by the Academitrician in 1735

The family is listed in the Registry of Neopolitan

Feudal families and numbered among

The patricians of the Republic of Marino

The Republic was represented in Lisbon

By the Court of Casola and Marchese di Liveri

By Napoleon Barone son of Marchese Pasquale

Who had as his grandmother Maria Filomarina

Of the Principality of Bocca

Title to Alfrede Domenico Barone

Held from 1869-1952 also as the Count

Of Casoli in the Registry of Nobility

Melchizadek descendant of Pasquale

And likewise Alfred my father

Or so the story goes there is

A castle and a title

Or at the very least a story

That belongs to me in Italy
07 2001
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