Scott Partee | Dad's Retirement Cruise: Infinite Dads | Onboard the GTS Millennium, somewhere in the Caribbean Sea
Dad's Retirement Cruise: Infinite Dads
To celebrate my father's retirement from the railroad after 38 years, we took him on a Caribbean cruise.

Since it was such a special occasion, and since we were so "dialed-in" by our friend who is a bigwig in the cruise industry, we got to eat at the Captain's Table during the Captain's Gala.

I snapped this portrait of my family (Dad, Mother, Sister, Brother-in-Law and Wife) in the elevator on the way to dinner.

I now include mirror portraits as a standard family photo because I find that when you line people up, they act very formal. Put them in front of the mirror, and you see a little personality.

I call the photo "Infinite Dads"
04 2003
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