Jay c. Blackburn | grate-ful. | Pacifica, California.
a friend was surfing. it wasn't interesting. the wafting smell of breakfast was however. it was foggy. the weather of course, not my head. early. well not early, but early enough to eat breakfast. a Brit. my girlfriend. me. a 4 lane highway. never knew how long it takes to cross one of those. is the California coast ever not something .. foggy, misting, raining, overcast, sun? certainly not from our trip down from Seattle. not that Seattle is ever any better. oh yeah, the grate. i thought i'd fall. i didn't. we looked down. its a long way. we looked up. well the sky is a long way too. looking out. the ocean goes a long way out. the other way, Denny's is still pretty close. the people in the passing cars are even closer. they look at us as if we've lost our mind. or maybe they think we are foggy. one pose. now they think we are even weirder. or definately foggy now. we don't care. we're standing on a grate in overcast Pacifica. i'm grateful for my girlfriend and Brit friend. one shot. we walk. nothing ever happenned. not a word. my friend who was surfing, he got tired of surfing alone.
06 2003
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