Katy Lindemann | The Unilever Series: Louise Bourgeois | Tate Modern Gallery, London
The Unilever Series: Louise Bourgeois
In the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern Gallery, there is currently anexhibition of Louise Bourgeois"Three large steel towers, about 30 feet high, dominate the east end of theTurbine Hall. Each tower supports a platform on which two chairs aresurrounded by a series of large swivel mirrors. The mirrors with theirreflective surfaces create an intense space for contemplation andreflection.Visitors are able to mount spiral staircases on the towers to experience thespace of the platform and the Turbine Hall. Bourgeois imagines that theplatforms will become the stage for significant conversations and humanconfrontations."I mounted, I experienced, and I got snapping baby!Attached are three photos I took whilst standing amidst the sculptureentitled 'I Undo'. Hope you like!
01 2001
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