Armando Bellmas | Athens, GA
My wife Christie and I had traveled to Athens, GA, to see one of our favorite bands, NRBQ. We had been planning the trip for a couple of weeks and were getting very excited. Wouldn't you know it, the day we were to travel to Athens, I became extremely sick: fever, shivers, runny nose...the whole deal. I had been looking forward to this show so much, we persevered and went anyway. I spent the whole afternoon before the show taking pills, drinking orange juice and sleeping. Sure enough, come show time, I was ready to go. I was still sick, but I wasn't going to let that get in the way of rockin' with the Q. This shot was taken in the Holiday Inn elevator on the way to the show. I was smiling on the outside, but sick as a dog on the inside. I did, however, remember to smile and take a mirror shot.
08 2001
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