Betsy Barone
I drive Daryl and four of his friends to see American Pie 2, which debuted at the top of the box office with $45.1 million this past weekend. They can't get in without me. They can't stay and watch it without me. I am their chaperone; or as one mom said to me today; "Dad of the Day." They wait somewhat patiently in-line for me as I take this photo; or as patiently as five 13-year-olds can wait and it's not until I get home do I notice it says "Photo Boot" and not Photo Booth. Oh well. I'm still Dad of the Day. I sit a comfortable twenty rows in front of where they sit--the back row. "Dad," Daryl screams to me at the end of the movie. "How did you like it." And I answer, truthfully, "I thought it was pretty funny. And a killer soundtrack. I really like Alien Ant Farm."
08 2001
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