jen boxer | stuck in the lift | Hostel Allessandro Downtown, Rome
stuck in the lift
Did you hear the one about when 11 of us from the Hostel Allessandro Downtown in Rome went out till 2am got drunk and then crammed into the 6 person only lift and promtly got stuck?

If it hadn't been for Sinead the fearless Irish lass who stuck her hand between the doors and fiddled about (much to my horrror and fear of impending severed limbs) we would have been trapped for far longer than the 30 minutes we were.

I know this doesn't sound so dangerous but the lift was dropping a foot at a time every ten minutes or so... and the young English lasses were squealing like piglets.

Needless to say the hostel management were not so pleased with us... oh and did I mention I got up at 6am and went to Pompei?
09 2003
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