Flare | My desktop, Fredricksburg, VA
My desktop, Fredricksburg, VA
I was having a rather futile argument with a gentlemen friend of mine earlier this week, and came upstairs to my room to cool off. I saw the pictures of my old roomates/ dearest friends (Kelly, John [Halcyon], MissM) on my desk, and started crying. I miss them terribly, at times. I bent down to turn on the computer, and when I looked back over at them, I noticed something. I could see my cheek glistening in the reflection from the glass frame. In fact, there was a tear making it's way down John's t-shirt to Kelly's forehead. It was enough to make me start laughing, rather than crying, and I promised myself I would capture the phenomenon, sans tears, when I got my webcam up.
08 2001
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