Damon | Those were the days | the ground floor bathroom of the Noyes Building, Ephraim, Ut
Those were the days
More and more I find myself reminiscing about the minor hamlet of Ephraim, UT, and all the good times had there. 'Course it wasn't all peaches; it was there I found out that the girl I loved was engaged to another, and also where I got some omega fever and couldn't swallow or really move, so I went about 36 hours on nothing but water.

On the other hand, it's where I fell in love with Risk, NCMO, and live jazz. And snow, and rain, and the moon, but I'd loved them before.

College does have a way of broadening the mind. It's astounding, really. Now if only I'd done some work, they'd have me back.


Oh, by the way, this is a picture I took to display to my friend Tamira in LV how handsome I was without my braces.
09 2003
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