Captain Sensible
Hi playmates, its yer old mate Captain Sensible here... of The Damned punkgroop notoriety...

This 'ere snap wot I'm submitting was taken out on a shopping trip downMelrose Ave in Los Angeles while (with my Damned colleagues) recording ourfab new CD entitled 'Grave Disorder' in March 2001.

As you can see we were not actually slogging our guts out in the studio atthat particular time (dont tell the label) and the result of all thoseshopping raids was that a few extra bags had to be aquired before we couldcart the numerous purchases back home to the UK.

Featured in the snap are (l-r) Dave Vanian (singer), Captain Sensible (me,guitarist) and my gorgeous pouting bird Louisa who has been badgering meconstantly to take her back there to spend even more cash.

Since I bought the digital camera in the pic our websitehas recieved constant photographic updates to keep the riff-raff informed onwotever we happen to be up to... including a whole bunch from theaforementioned recording sessions wot with beer bottles all over the placeand disgraceful evidence of farting about, etc.

The great thing about these new fangled cameras is if you are a crapphotographer (as I am) you can take a whole stack of pictures and delete thedross keeping the one or two gooduns. Yes indeed.

Cheers me dears - Captain Sensible
09 2001
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