Jenifer Hanen | Downstairs at the Grisham for Governor Rally | Hollywood, CA
Downstairs at the Grisham for Governor Rally
Sunday, 10-5-03, at the Henry Fonda Theatre about 15 bands played a rally for the Grisham for Governor campaign. I was downstairs in the dressing area when my friend Gina asked to take a pic with her friend Stuart. They were discussing going to Disneyland the next day with Jock from GBH. Stuart is from the UK and likes to go to Disneyland when he is in SoCal.... After the photo was taken, I realized that I caught myself in the dressing room mirror as well.

Quote of the evening from one of the security staff to a group of band folks backstage: "I like your music, but I don't like your politics." All the monies raised were donated to the LA Rescue Mission.
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