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Mystic Eye
I recently moved from another part of The City to the Sunset district in San Francisco, just a few blocks from Ocean Beach. The Musée Mécanique is about a mile up the beach from my apartment, housed below the Cliff House restaurant, a new building on the site of a pre-1906 earthquake hotel by the same name. The Musée is filled with ancient penny arcade games, fortune tellers, mini movies, and strange attractions like Laughing Sal who stands about 8 feet tall and laughs somewhat frighteningly for a very long time when you drop a couple of quarters (due to inflation) in the slot. I went there last Sunday, when I was feeling sort of sad for no reason and decided I needed cheering up. You can't go to the Musée and not cheer up. I took this picture of myself having my fortune read by the Mystic Eye. It ultimately told me that I was well loved but "make others stand aside or be trampled upon." I wouldn't have said that was me, but I'll bow to it's greater wisdom.
09 2001
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