andy milford | 'A' is for Andy | Virgin Megastore, Union Square, NYC
'A' is for Andy
At the risk of flogging a dead horse I re-introduce to you the restroom at the Virgin Megastore on Union Square, NYCThis is now my third submission for this location. Narcissistic or vital sociological documentation of the evolution of tagging over the period of 1 year and two months? You decide...To reprise:
Take 1 November 2002
Take1b Partner in crime (so doesn't count towards my tally)
Take 2 November 2003 - One year on
Take 3 January 2003

I was happy to spot (albeit retrospectively) that I some kind soul saw fit to honour the occasion by spraying my name on the mirror.Thanks!

Fuji F601
02 2004
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