daan leussink | 7# rembrandthuis (11.30u) | rembrandthuis, jodenbreestraat, amsterdam, the netherlands
7# rembrandthuis (11.30u)
1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6#that is the rembrandthuis!

this is the house where the worldfamous painter used to lived from 1639 to 1658. rembrandt's most famous painting is de nachtwacht, or the nightwatch. this painting is not to be found in the rembrandthuis, but in the rijksmuseum, hollands most famous museum. please click on the links, as both the sites are excellent and contain very much information.

here at the rembrandthuis our tour ends, at least for a while! hopefully you enjoyed and see you in amsterdam.
03 2004
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