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Lamp Shades
I have a medical condition called photophobia. Sounds serious, doesn't it? It's not. It's merely a pesky little case of light sensitivity. Fortunately, some wise soul (who, perhaps, was also photophobic) invented those blessed mechanisms commonly referred to as sun glasses. Or "shades" to you terminally cool folks.

I have to wear some form of sunglasses nearly all the time. I have more pairs than anyone ought to own. I get them at yard sales for cheap (usually for a quarter or fifty cents), so it's not like a major investment or anything. Otherwise, I couldn't stand the guilt of such obvious decadence.

It's a little inconvenient to have to wear them all the time, but I'm ever-encouraged by what Vince Latello said in the movie, My Science Project, when asked why he wore sunglasses at night: "Because when you're cool, the sun shine on you 24 hours a day."
03 2004
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