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Dollface Has A Possé 4.25
Our company was conducting radical/ridiculous market research. We, the art department, birthed the loving personality on a metal pipe, Dollface, to interview XGamers.

The photo is actually a frame still taken from the digital video footage I shot. An "Xtreme Zoom", on this unsuspecting individual/victim.

This was a pretty hilarious adventure to say the least and we crossed many boundries with Dollface, while really freaking some people out along the way. Most were receptive and willing to participate in the fun. However, unfortunately, some where not... and sadly, Dollface came to a violent and senseless end. While filming on location, she was brutally assaulted by teenage thugs and came shattering to the pavement in a surprise sneak attack. All mourned her death.

Fortunately, her short life was well documented and as homage and as part of the assignment itself, I produced several imovie shorts of the life and times of Dollface. If anyone is interested in her short, but vibrant life, these movies are available for viewing upon request.

Thank you for the memories, Dollface, as ridiculous as it all was we had a whole lot of fun.

In Loving Memory, this is for you.
03 2004
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