Heather Bartlett | Fledgling Routine | Rt 5 Maryland
Fledgling Routine
Driving home on Rt 5 in Maryland to my husband after leaving my lover's apartment.

In the early days of our relationship I knew that driving back and fourth from his apartment to my home would be a routine if we lasted at all. I love my husband and was NOT cheating (though I was hurting him), he knew all about the new lover. When I would leave his apartment and head home on the DC beltway I got such a strange sense of "netherness" - I needed to adjust back to being wife and mother in the 45 minute trip back to my home. The time was actually quite crucial at that period in my life, it helped me sort my emotions between the two worlds. The two men. And work on my guilt and not feeling worthy of two such amazing men. Almost two years into our relationship now the distance is a problem.

Luck would have it that the camera caught my face, even though I couldn't tell what I was going to get since I didn't look away from the road. I just held it up and snapped the shot.
03 2004
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