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beach nostalgia
with Derrick

annnnd solace....

another scintillating journey aboard our moped, "Chai-69", on the isle of Koh Pangan, Thailand....

after rampaging along a narrow bump-ridden trail, buried deep in the musty jungle, we finally trode out through an unassuming opening at the north-end of the island onto a lavish secluded beachscape known as "Nice Beach".....

though its name is quite the understatement, as it is more 'wondrous' and 'enchanting' than plain old 'nice'.....

and so here we are, in our beachside elation, feasting on succulent pad thai and sipping back fantas, listening to the calm whisper of the ocean waves, as we massage our toes into the sugar-white sand.....

a little taste of paradise....forged forever in our heart's palette....
03 2004
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