Ioannis Raftakis | My round, one eye | Thessaloniki, Greece
My round, one eye
...ancient figure of the greek Odyssey.
Neptune's son,
a one-eyed monster eating people.
Ulysses had to blind Cyclops, to free themselves.
Blinded, Cyclops asked Ulysses about his name, so he can tell Neptune and Ulysses answered:
"My name is Nobody".

Lateron, when Cyclops was asked by his father Neptune who blinded him, he said:
"It was Nobody."

The name "Cyclops" is an ancient greek name (of course), coming from the two words "cyclos" (meaning in english "cycle, round") and "Oph" (meaning "eye").
So, surprisingly, the only thing we know about Cyclops is that he had "round eyes"...
and not "one eye"...
...conclusion? :)
05 2004
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