Suzanne K | Adventures in Paradise | Ambergris Caye, Belize
Adventures in Paradise
I can remember being a stay-at-home mom, changing diapers and saving money for years just to afford a trip to Disney World.

Jacques Cousteau traveled the oceans and I was with him, if only as a television viewer/voyeur. Jacques and Jane Goodall lived exciting lives filled with important work, and I only dreamed about such adventures.

The kids are grown and finally a world has opened up that I only dreamed about. This was taken in the bathroom of our thatched roof casita on a beach in paved televisions. It was heaven on earth, and only miles from the Great Blue Hole made famous by Cousteau.

I'm wearing my "Indiana Jones Leopard Skin flimsy bathrobe" and my tan is compliments of the January sun in Central America.

The next day we will by flying by bush plane into Guatemala to climb the ruins at Tikal. It was a fantastic and exotic adventure that I'll never forget.
06 2004
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