Suzanne K | Butterfly House | Peck Farm Nature Center - Geneva, IL
Butterfly House
My co-worker Jenn and I have just toured the Peck Farm Butterfly House. It is filled with several hundred butterflies, and the volunteer informed us that they are required to follow guidelines set by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Even something as seemingly innocuous as a display of butterflies is under government regulation!

There's a window where you can view the crysali emerging, and that is fascinating.

The picture was taken in the airlock room that you pass through to exit the exhibit. They have thoughtfully provided this mirror for a Mirror Project shot. Acutally, it's to check yourself over and make sure no rogue butterflies are attempting to escape the "big house".

And...that's not a flash, it's divine enlightment streaming out my head.
07 2004
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