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house tour (louisa, yong, elizabeth)
Louisa, left, was giving Yong and I a tour of the penthouse apartment where she was dog-sitting. That evening we all cooked together and had dinner on the terrace, looking for hours at the quiet, brightly lit expanse of Manhattan and Central Park West, stepping out of our own lives for a few hours. I was videotaping the tour and caught the three of us (and the dog) in this immense mirror leaning against a dresser in one of the apartment's bedrooms. When I look at this image, I have a deep sense of respect for my friends. I think of how similar and uncertain our lives are, and how this image represents our similarities at this time. Louisa, a writer, and I met by chance in New York and became friends through a series of happenstance meetings at random intervels throughout this past spring and summer in the city. I don't know why we were brought together at this moment, but when I look at this image, it seems important that we were. I dedicate this piece to Yong and Louisa, and to Manhattan, which gives back to you twice as much as it takes away.
08 2004
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