Sharyn Morrow | St. Paul, Minnesota
A summer Sunday morning. The little man and I are playing "I'm gonna getyou" (and tickle you) outside the coffee shop. I frequently pause to snapshots of him, in all his glory. He lunges at the door next to the flowershop, trying to get in (he hadn't yet figured out the complexities of pushvs. pull). He stays in place long enough for me to realize I can capture aphoto with both of us in it, using the reflection from the door. (It'sjust the kiddo and myself, so we have few photos of the two of us.) Irealize, as I'm taking it, that this isn't going to be the best qualityphoto...that I should hold the camera differently so that my face appearsas well...but I also know that if I don't act quickly, the little man willbe off and running and there will be no photo at all. Sure enough,immediately after snapping this one, the little man dashes off...forcingme to give chase and intervene to prevent him from destroying the plantsoutside of the flower shop. Heh.
10 2001
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