joseph mackin | high desert outside of San Diego
high desert outside of San Diego
Originally taken in 1969 this picture remained lost until a few weeks ago. The print came in a 31/2x 31/2 format with a white border.

Rick Wayne & I were college buddies at SDSU and we had invited our bodacious high school sweethearts Linda Chaddick and Charmain Ottobre down for a hike in the country. It was a hot summer day and we stopped by a little country store for a new frozen drink called an Icee (note the size of the cups then). Outside the store was this green storage bin for ice with a reflective door (you might see the door hinge on the lower left).

Life was ridiculously happy: the Summer of Love was only a couple of years earlier, we played in a band, the Hippie movement was in full bloom and so were we.
03 2005
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