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Okay, not all of my shots have some deep personal story behind them. This is on the fender of a 1962 Austin Healy 3000 Mark III - one of my all time 'favourite' cars.Sunday, Diane's two cousins, Amanda and Nat, stopped by on their way from Arizona to Maine. We took them up to Washington, Georgia for brunch at The Fitzpatrick Hotel's restaurant, Watchmakers. After a fine brunch (as usual) we walked outside to take a stroll around Washington's square. This car was parked outside of the hotel - its owner was right inside his antique shop next door to the hotel. I introduced myself as a fellow Alabamian (as the Austin had Alabama plates) and that I was sorry that I had dragged these "damn Yankees" to Georgia. He pointed out to Nat the fine armoire, noting that it was "made somewhere up there, like Boston perhaps." The owner then told us the real reason that this fantastic piece of furniture was not in his own home, "...don't want the Yankee ghosts coming in..."I think that up until that point, Diane's cousins were taking him seriously in his light hearted ribbing of the Yankees...but then again, he might not have been joking...
04 2005
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