Maritza Soto | Chile
this pic was taken after a long trip to europeto visit my friend kuky in Barcelona, Spain. she isdoing some studies at the University, so she isstaying for more than year, which is great and sad atthe same time because i'm gonna miss her a lot!so when i returned back to Chile (where i come from),i went visiting her mother and we spent the holeevening drinking tea and talking about kuky, (shemisses her a lot too).

So i decided to take some pics of this event!and this is a very emotional one, because i'm onkuky's bedroom looking at her mirror which now isalmost empty..and very clean haha..that mirror wascompletely full, of candles, little bottles of vodkaand wine's...anything...and now that isempty you can see that she's not there anymore..
11 2001
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