Andrea Indira | Spending Thanksgiving in the Wackiest Place on Earth | Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Spending Thanksgiving in the Wackiest Place on Earth
There were four children that I had to take care of while their parents played lovebirds on this insane trip to Disney World (which by the way is NOT the happiest place on earth) during one of the busiest holidays (when everyone predicted no one will travel). The place was packed, the lines horrid and because I had some colour in my skin, I was shoved at, spitted on, sneezed upon, stared at and ashes from a cigarette was dropped on me not once, but twice. The most relaxing ride was on this carousel that I took my cousins on. My mind was obviously elsewhere when I caught myself staring at the mirror, so I just snapped a picture to remind me of where my mind was.
11 2001
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