Clarissa Vincent | I'm turning veggy, again ... | St Nicholas Market, Bristol, UK
I'm turning veggy, again ...
Royce Rolls is a veggy cafe'.There is a sign asking for mobile phones to be switched off, but everyone uses their mobiles anyhow. The cafe' has a large wooden framed mirror at one end; the end which the town council want to knock through to the open air so that St Nicholas's Market is a more enjoyable experience. The thing I like most about this little closed off corridor is the escape it offers from the desirous throngs of shoppers looking for something other than what they've already got.There is another sign which tells customers that if they would like to bring their own food, they are welcome. How brave in a consumerist/capitalist world to offer people a choice of purchasing or simply enjoying themselves.One of the people who serves the locally cooked fare left to work in an estate agents, but now she's back working here again. I think that says a lot.
01 2002
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