Witold Riedel | office 26 | Woolworth Building, New York City
office 26
Our offices were in the Woolworth building, just two blocks away from World Trade Center, now Ground Zero. The Picture was taken when we had to go back to clean out our offices, it was October 2001. The number on the office window for the movers. The little guy in the window is Det, a Mainzelmännchen, the mascot of the German TV station ZDF, for whom I did some design once. There is a thank you sign in my window and many more little peaceful objects. I am reflected in the window and through the objects in my office: A very funny children's book from Germany, a happy Japanese juice can, a green clay dinosaur, an Organic Lemon, soap bubbles, and a cup with a tiny piece of wisdom printed on it.The office was a very welcoming place. I am no longer with this company.
02 2002
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