Jeffrey Zeldman | In the Red Bedroom | New York City
In the Red Bedroom
New Year's Eve, hours before the parties start. My Dad has been stayingwith us since the 27th (that's him, background, right, trying to figure outhow to crash my Mac) and we're all a bit antsy. If the room looks red, it'sbecause it is. If I look like I haven't slept, it's because I haven't. Thatthing at the left, rear, that resembles a large industrial heating grate isactually a wooden screen. The camera is pointed at the art deco mirrorabove an old wooden cabinet. My hand twitched as I took this shot,resulting in wonderful Photoshop-like blurred motion effects and doubleimages, but none of that comes through in this small JPEG.
01 2001
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