Luke Gattuso | Canoga Park, California
Fifteen years ago, I was nineteen. My high school girlfriend had gone away to school for a year, and discovered that life wasn't about staying with your high school boyfriend forever. I know now she was right, but at the time I was too miserable to see her wisdom. I moped around my parent's house for a while, working hard on my dejection. I spent my days trying to amuse myself with as little human contact as possible. This picture is from my "Hey, I'll be a smart-ass 'photographic artist' - they don't have to deal with people much" phase.This picture was taken in my bathroom, which had a three-doored medicine cabinet. The middle door is open and so the mirror points at my shower wall. The picture on the wall is from a promotion for (I think) Denny's restaurants- I'm pretty sure the guy was/is a radio DJ.
01 2001
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