Aisling | camera obscura, edinburgh
my friend and I went to the camera obscura in edinburgh while on holiday last summer simply because it was cheaper than going to the castle & she'd heard vague things about it in art class. the camera obscura itself was immediately surpassed by the pleasant discovery of *lots* of availible reflective surfaces in exhibitions within the building. plasma balls, fairylit walls, 3d holograms... being both fans of the mirror project, we decided this was a perfect opportunity to snap ourselves into reflective posterity. unfortunatly we were thwarted by two things - the lack of a decent camera (hello point & click flash one-use throwaway hell) and a huge busload of hyper schoolkids arriving (i should say invading) just as we got our brainwave. needless to say the results weren't as good as we'd have liked, but i liked the double reflection in this one of me with the camera pressed up against a glass corridor of fairylights.
05 2002
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