Matthew Keller
The entire reason I got into photography about 6-7 years agowas that my grandfather gave me his old Polaroid Land Camera 330 and I fellin love with it. You should check out the Land Cameras (later models) onebay. I now have a collection of them and really, really dig the imagesthey put out. The film used for the Lands is the same film prophotographers use to proof their work -- except now, they have to buy aPolaroid back that costs several hundred bucks and only puts an image onpart of the picture. Go figure.One of my favs is the Polaroid Big Shot. It's a space age looking thangthat takes a fixed focal shot. Pretty much has to be head and shoulders;this was the camera Andy Warhol used for a lot of his Polaroid portraits.Anyway, one of my mirror shots is a Photoshop adjusted negative of theprint. Has an interesting look to it.
03 2001
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