Tamani Jones | The 'business' trip. | East Lansing, Michigan
The 'business' trip.
The day prior to this, I was shipped out to Michigan for a corporate feel good meeting. I spent five hours in a car because the company I work for was too cheap to fly anyone out there. The meeting only lasted two hours; and on a mere one and a half hours of sleep, I almost dozed off in the middle of it, only two rows away from our very primadonna CEO who was speaking at the meeting.

But it wasn't all bad - when I finally got to the hotel room and saw the mirror I knew what I had to do next.
Unfortunately, the night after the meeting I was unable to get a mirror project picture to turn out of my coworkers and myself while getting the drink on. Right before I check out I decide to try once more, and it is so telling; the fear of a five hour return trip while hung over is plainly written across my face.
06 2002
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