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kottke's loo
Finding myself in Minneapolis over the long weekend, and recalling Heather'spenchant for mirror shots in web celeb loos, I concocted a plan. I'd sneakinto Jason Kottke's bathroom and grab a quick shot with my trusty lil' camfor dear Heather. I checked his site, no updates since the 27th. I checkedhis webcam: the same picture was still up from Thursday. I placed a quickphone call: the machine picked up. Conclusion: the web superstar was out oftown for the weekend. After some crafty investigative work, I had anaddress in hand. Seeing no car out front, I slipped through the front door,all was dark and quiet within. Quickly I made my way down the stairs, andfound the bathroom door ajar, light off. I flicked the switch, my heart wasbeating rapidly, breaths flowing in and out in shallow succession. Flashoff, I was pressing the button when the man himself walked in! Busted. Hegrabbed the camera from my hand, and was about to dash it against the tub,but I pleaded with him. Please, I begged, for Heather's sake! He acquiesced,and returned the camera without deleting the offending shot. I quickly mademy escape before he could phone the police. Behold the evidence.
05 2001
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